Root Canal Treatment

When the soft pulp of a tooth becomes infected, it is likely to spread and can very painful indeed, sometimes resulting in an abscess. This will not heal on its own and needs professional treatment at our Chelmsford dental practice.

After examining the infected tooth, x-rays will be taken in order to determine whether an abscess is present, as well as to determine the shape of the root canals that need to be cleaned.

A local anaesthetic will then be given to ensure the patient’s comfort throughout the procedure and, once this has taken effect, the top of the tooth will then be removed to expose the infected pulp.

This infected inner pulp will then be removed from the tooth and any remaining bacteria will then be removed using an antibacterial cleaning wash. This then leaves the patient with a bacteria free, but hollow, tooth.

The next step is to fill the tooth and seal the top again. In many cases, this will involve the placing of a dental crown to complete the procedure. This works not only to give the restored tooth a natural appearance, but also to give it additional strength.